Results of the 2019 Competition

Grade Division CategoryStudent 1Student 2DistrictPlace
03~04 3D ModelingAarush HemachandranFayette CountyFirst
03~04 3D ModelingArya PoteetBridget ZeppCoweta CountySecond
03~04 3D ModelingRory YeagerTaylor  EarnestCarroll CountyThird
03~04 AnimationConnor GriffinCoweta CountyFirst
03~04 AnimationGrace BarbourFayette CountySecond
03~04 AnimationBrody ScurrNataleigh CoganCarroll CountyThird
03~04 Audio ProductionSaket SononeFayette CountyFirst
03~04 Audio ProductionKaylee  CostleySarah CauoetteHeard CountySecond
03~04 Audio ProductionTURNER  HOUSTONTROY SMITHCoweta CountyThird
03~04 Device ModificationJames BellKyle StricklandCarroll CountyFirst
03~04 Device ModificationJalen Amir CarthernFayette CountySecond
03~04 Digital Game DesignWill BrewerCarroll CountyFirst
03~04 Digital Game DesignConner PeppersColby  SennHeard CountySecond
03~04 Digital Game DesignLamar ViewFayette CountyThird
03~04 Digital Photo ProductionSimone AntoineJaelynn EduFayette CountyFirst
03~04 Digital Photo ProductionArrington HaylieLacie BanksCarroll CountySecond
03~04 Digital Photo ProductionPeyton KeroackReese OakleyCoweta CountyThird
03~04 Graphic DesignEliza HuberFayette CountyFirst
03~04 Graphic DesignKylie GrantCarroll CountySecond
03~04 Graphic DesignMadi CurbowLila JanneyHeard CountyThird
03~04 Internet ApplicationsCaitlin GiacommettoLillie VanVorstFayette CountyFirst
03~04 Internet ApplicationsBethany  LaVanchaAdrienne  RayCoweta CountySecond
03~04 Internet ApplicationsLexa OglesHeard CountyThird
03~04 Mobile AppsYashwin Ramesh BabuFayette CountyFirst
03~04 Mobile AppsTandem MalcomLucas  McCormickHeard CountySecond
03~04 Multimedia ApplicationsManish GurugariParth MahajanFayette CountyFirst
03~04 Multimedia ApplicationsAnson AhlstromJoshua JanneyHeard CountySecond
03~04 Multimedia ApplicationsLizzie RogersTerrianna WareCarroll CountyThird
03~04 Productivity DesignKierstin  SmuthermanReagan  HarveyFayette CountyFirst
03~04 Project ProgrammingDalton JenningsCarroll CountyFirst
03~04 RoboticsJessica YuanSara HotiFayette CountyFirst
03~04 RoboticsGabriel  O’ReillyChristian GentryHeard CountySecond
03~04 RoboticsMattie SmithSummer YatesCarroll CountyThird
03~04 Video ProductionCharles MixonJohn Pierre MixonHeard CountyFirst
03~04 Video ProductionKiyani EstimeGabby DansbyFayette CountySecond
03~04 Video ProductionChristian HerringCoweta CountyThird
05~06 3D ModelingCoby HoltzclawCarroll CountyFirst
05~06 3D ModelingJackson FrancisFayette CountySecond
05~06 3D Modelinglanden ShirlingCoweta CountyThird
05~06 AnimationMakyn ChildersHeard CountyFirst
05~06 AnimationCamren HarleyCarrollton CitySecond
05~06 AnimationOdin KnowlesBrian BoulwareFayette CountyThird
05~06 Audio ProductionJacqulyn  PittsMaddie WilsonHeard CountyFirst
05~06 Audio ProductionMatthew GonzalezFayette CountySecond
05~06 Device ModificationAileen YanneyCarrollton CityFirst
05~06 Device ModificationJay BarnesBrett PrichardHeard CountySecond
05~06 Device ModificationNathan BensonBrenton NamCoweta CountyThird
05~06 Digital Game DesignCarson HouckCarrollton CityFirst
05~06 Digital Game Designmac PannellAdam  BickfordCarroll CountySecond
05~06 Digital Game DesignMack  GoogeBen PikeHeard CountyThird
05~06 Digital Photo ProductionJordan McKeeFayette CountyFirst
05~06 Digital Photo ProductionLeAnna McCormickKylie NicholHeard CountySecond
05~06 Digital Photo ProductionKatie  CosbyCarroll CountyThird
05~06 Graphic DesignColin FalesCarroll CountyFirst
05~06 Graphic DesignLilly HynsonFayette CountySecond
05~06 Graphic DesignChloe ChalkerAlaina MossHeard CountyThird
05~06 Internet ApplicationsSam BrownFayette CountyFirst
05~06 Multimedia ApplicationsMorgan  PotterCarroll CountyFirst
05~06 Multimedia ApplicationsKaitlin LangeSara BloecherCoweta CountySecond
05~06 Multimedia ApplicationsImani NewtonFayette CountyThird
05~06 Productivity DesignShyanne KinnardLilly  YatesHeard CountyFirst
05~06 RoboticsAbbey GriffinCoweta CountyFirst
05~06 RoboticsJolee CarrollDJ CauoetteHeard CountySecond
05~06 RoboticsRyan KentTyler WittCoweta CountyThird
05~06 Video ProductionZoey  PylandCarroll CountyFirst
05~06 Video ProductionShreeja DasFayette CountySecond
05~06 Video ProductionLane MullerLuke  MullerHeard CountyThird
07~08 3D ModelingJackson BayerCarson MarkertHarris CountyFirst
07~08 3D ModelingRocki  FilesCarroll CountySecond
07~08 AnimationCeres BousquetFayette CountyFirst
07~08 AnimationAimee JohnsonHarris CountySecond
07~08 Audio ProductionValerie KoukoutsisIsabella HickeyFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Audio ProductionCharlie TaylorHeard CountySecond
07~08 Audio ProductionSam SloanCavan KleinHarris CountyThird
07~08 Device ModificationNick HackerGabe MawandaFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Device ModificationCayden BinghamDarrell EasterCarroll CountySecond
07~08 Digital Game DesignKyle DyceFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Digital Game DesignHunter MunroCarlos BelloCarroll CountySecond
07~08 Digital Photo ProductionAli ErmolaevLark SiskFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Digital Photo ProductionKaitlin FranckElla HehmanHarris CountySecond
07~08 Digital Photo ProductionMary BissellGarrett MundyCarroll CountyThird
07~08 Graphic DesignTighler AllenLila OmarFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Graphic DesignJosh FralickCarroll CountySecond
07~08 Internet ApplicationsChristine SharperAshlee TaylorFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Internet ApplicationsChristian Andre-MasonKatie RaganHarris CountySecond
07~08 Mobile AppsZaria WashingtonSiarra BrownFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Multimedia ApplicationsJemma GomesHarris CountyFirst
07~08 Multimedia ApplicationsJanae WalkerConnor LannamanFayette CountySecond
07~08 Multimedia ApplicationsElizabeth BecerraMakylee AyersCarroll CountyThird
07~08 Productivity DesignCasi CurryKimberly ReynoldsHarris CountyFirst
07~08 Programming ChallengeDrew LaklyChristian ClarkFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Project ProgrammingJackson LovejoyFayette CountyFirst
07~08 RoboticsLiam BegleyFayette CountyFirst
07~08 RoboticsKate JacksonAdam DunhamHarris CountySecond
07~08 RoboticsBrayden  SwoffordNate KovacCarroll CountyThird
07~08 Video ProductionIrene RotgerRebekah BushmireFayette CountyFirst
07~08 Video ProductionPaige JulienNatalie FosterCarroll CountySecond
09~10 3D ModelingKatherine (Katie) BarryFayette CountyFirst
09~10 3D ModelingJacob KeenerCarroll CountySecond
09~10 Audio ProductionDiamond NguyenFayette CountyFirst
09~10 Audio ProductionLuke WilsonCarroll CountySecond
09~10 Device ModificationKyle DeanWilliam ReadingCarroll CountyFirst
09~10 Digital Game DesignJaiming ZhangFayette CountyFirst
09~10 Digital Game DesignKate AnglinCarroll CountySecond
09~10 Graphic DesignGeorgia MahlerCarroll CountyFirst
09~10 Graphic DesignMatthew WillisCarrollton CitySecond
09~10 Internet ApplicationsNicholas MansourCarrollton CityFirst
09~10 Internet ApplicationsRaven DawsonHeidi VillalbaCarroll CountyFirst
09~10 Multimedia ApplicationsSarah Grace HoltCarroll CountyFirst
09~10 Productivity DesignMcKayla MarlowHayley MunroCarroll CountyFirst
09~10 Programming ChallengeIan McKeirnanJaiming ZhangFayette CountyFirst
09~10 RoboticsConner  WilsonCarroll CountyFirst
09~10 RoboticsGarred LinJalen StephensCarrollton CitySecond
09~10 Video ProductionAyaan BakalyFelipe SchwantesFayette CountyFirst
11~12 3D ModelingJason (JJ) WheelerFayette CountyFirst
11~12 3D ModelingJulia Claire WilkinsCarroll CountySecond
11~12 3D ModelingJordan SmithCarrollton CityThird
11~12 AnimationDorothy DanielFayette CountyFirst
11~12 AnimationSheyah BoydCarroll CountySecond
11~12 Audio ProductionMichael AginCarroll CountyFirst
11~12 Device ModificationColby LevensJason PortilloCarrollton CityFirst
11~12 Digital Game DesignKenneth “Preston” GrubbCarroll CountyFirst
11~12 Digital Game DesignSam TriplettFayette CountySecond
11~12 Digital Game DesignRichard San NicolasCarrollton CityThird
11~12 Digital Photo ProductionAshley CollinsCarroll CountyFirst
11~12 Digital Photo ProductionCade RiggsCarrollton CitySecond
11~12 Graphic DesignLeigh WheelerFayette CountyFirst
11~12 Graphic DesignKyla TurnerCarroll CountySecond
11~12 Mobile AppsMichael MendezCarrollton CityFirst
11~12 Mobile AppsShelby  NormanCarroll CountySecond
11~12 Multimedia ApplicationsBekah AlgazeFayette CountyFirst
11~12 Multimedia ApplicationsRandall ShawTyler DemingCarroll CountySecond
11~12 Multimedia ApplicationsAndrew BellGraham SatterfieldCarrollton CityThird
11~12 Productivity DesignKishan PatelWill BrownCarrollton CityFirst
11~12 Programming ChallengeSam TriplettMark NiFayette CountyFirst
11~12 Programming ChallengeEli NunezCarrollton CitySecond
11~12 Programming ChallengeJason NunezCarroll CountyThird
11~12 Project ProgrammingMontana FreemanPeyton CarrollCarollton  CityFirst
11~12 Project ProgrammingZackry SarverIsaac HeltonCarroll CountySecond
11~12 RoboticsBrian ZunigaGavin PossCarroll CountyFirst
11~12 Video ProductionKaelyn WilliamsCarroll CountyFirst
11~12 Video ProductionSisipho MehloFayette CountySecond
11~12 Video ProductionDakota CummingsCarrollton CityThird

The West Georgia Technology Competition (formerly the West Georgia Technology Fair) is an annual technology competition for students in the West Georgia Region of the state of Georgia. The West Georgia region includes students who attend public schools, private schools, and home schools in Carroll County, Carrollton City, Coweta County, Fayette County, Griffin/Spalding, Harris County, Heard County, Meriwether County, and Troup County.

Students in surrounding counties outside the West Georgia Region and without a region are welcome to participate in our competition.  To participate, you must get the approval of the director.  A decision will be based on several criteria including space available.

Students who would like to participate in the Technology Competition are encouraged to begin working on their projects early to allow time to create an excellent project.

Regional Competition will be Friday, January 18, 2019 at the Don W. Nixon  Centre for Performing and Visual Arts in Newnan, Georgia. The Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 9, 2019.  ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES CAN TAKE PLACE AFTER THIS DEADLINE DUE TO THE SHORT TURN AROUND TIME WE HAVE TO PREPARE THE SCHEDULE, JUDGE MATERIALS, ETC.

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  All school systems must enter their projects in a district level competition and send only 1st place winners from the district competition.  Most regions have already submtted the name of the district coordinator.  We have identified the following people as the district coordinators:

DistrictDistrict Coordinator
Caroll CountyHeather Scott
Carrollton CityTBA
Coweta CountyDonald White
Fayette CountyJeff Eller
Harris CountyKathy Hall (unconfirmed)
Heard CountyAmanda Stephens
Meriwether CountyTBA
Troup CountyTBA


(1) Please do not create duplicate registrations.  If you discover a mistake after you submit your registration please contact the regional director by email (richard.free@heard.k12.ga.us) or by phone (706-675-5764) or fax (706-675-5764) with any corrections.  We suggest that you print this registration confirmation.

(2) Please do not use the BACK button to start a new registration.  A link is provided on the confirmation page (top right) for each registration to start a new form.  (Use of the back button causes the form to be rejected and will cancel the registration.)

(3) Students who are selected as first place winners at our regional are invited to participate in the Georgia Student Technology Competition (held in March each year).  The Georgia Student Technology Competition will be held at Middle Georgia State College (formerly Macon State) in Macon, GA.

IF you have any issues registering using this new site please contact me (richard.free@heard.k12.ga.us) so I can investigate the situation.


  1. The most important change for the 2019 competition:  We now require all school districts to have a district level competition and may submit only one project per grade division category to the regional competition.
    This is now required because our region has grown much larger over the last 3 years and with the physical size of our region (in distance traveled) we have less time to judge the projects.  Our region is now made up of 9 school districts plus we are required to include home-school students and private schools within our region.
    There is not a mandated procedure required for deciding first place winners at your regional competition.  You may choose to follow the basic guidelines we have established or make up your own procedure.  However, it is important that the submitted projects meet the rubrics/project descriptions established by the GaSTC.
  2. With the new district-level requirement, we will need a name and contact information for the district coordinator(s).  Please email this information to richard.free@heard.k12.ga.us when that decision has been made.
  3. Another major change:  The Technology Literacy  Challenge is no longer available.  The GaSTC has dropped this category.

SCHEDULE (tentative):

8:30Check-in begins
9:00Judge interviews begin
11:45Judging interviews complete
12:45Award Ceremony Begins

We will make every effort to keep to the schedule and will move it along when possible by calling students early for judging times.  Participants can help by being ready to present should their project is called early.  Students should report to the entrance to the judging area between 5 and 10 minutes prior to their judge interview time.

Upon arrival to the Technology Competition, please have one person stop by the check-in desk at the main entrance to turn in release forms and check-in.

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Sponsor: Yamaha
 Sponsor: Coweta Stem Institute


Should there be inclement weather on the scheduled day of the West Georgia Technology Competition please check the Atlanta televisions stations for school closings. In the event the Coweta County Schools are closed, we will reschedule for a later date.  The date and location, should we have to relocate, will be announced on this website and will be emailed to all registered advisers as soon as possible.

(c) 2011-2019, West Georgia Technology Competition and/or Georgia Student Technology Competition (GaSTC), All Rights reserved.