Q:  Will there be internet at the event?

A:   The internet is provided by the host site and we must abide by the rules of the host facility.  While we recognize that the world is more connected than ever, we cannot guarantee Internet access in the judging spaces and recommend that you have an off-line copy of any Internet based project. Judges will not penalize a project for not connecting to outside links. In the past when the Tech Fair provided Internet access, when the network failed or there were other interruptions in network services, then student projects could not be judged. If each student brings their Internet project loaded on a hard drive, CD, or USB drive, then the browser can always access the project. Tech Fair does NOT require that outside links on a project website work, so there is no penalty for outside links not working.

Q:  Why isn’t the Tech Fair set up like a Science Fair with open viewing for parents and students?

A:  Science Fair judges evaluate projects in the absence of the student who created it. Projects are static displays that are set up and left for viewing by judges and visitors. Tech Fair judging is interactive and involves judges meeting with the students who created the project. Most Tech Fair projects are not static displays and must be observed in operation. If judge interviewing were going on with visitors moving throughout the judging area, it would be very hard to hear and to focus on the project and student.  During the pre and post judging times, students are welcome to wander around to see the other projects, provided the creator(s) are willing to share.

Q:  What higher level of Technology Fair will I go to if I win the West Georgia Technology Fair?

A:  First place winners of the West Georgia Technology Fair are invited to participate in the Georgia Educational Technology Fair (state technology fair).  The state technology fair is held in March following our technology fair.

Q:  If I am a member of a two student team, do both of us have to come to the Regional Tech Fair?

A:  No, your project may be represented by one of the two student team OR by both team members, but NOT by anyone else.  We, however, prefer that both team members are present so the judges can get a better understanding of the project.