Registration is online.  Information gathered will also be used for for by the region to register the first place winners for the state competition.  (Please note, the registration form asks for a t-shirt size.  This is for the state tech fair.  All regional first place winners will receive a t-shirt when they attend the state tech fair.  Other information may be asked which may not be used by the region but will be needed if the project goes the state fair.)  


Please note:  Some school firewalls may prevent access to the registration website.  Our vendor for the database has made every effort to minimize this issue.

We request that advisers and students agree on who will be handling the individual registrations.  This is to keep duplicates and other registration issues to a minimum.  Students may handle their own registrations but should verify the information before submitting. 

IMPORTANT CHANGE: STUDENTS MAY ONLY SUBMIT ONE PROJECT plus may participate in the Tech Literacy Challenge AND the Technology Programming Challenge. This is a change from previous years when a student could submit TWO projects plus the TLC and the TPC.  However, to prevent overlaps in the schedule, we require notification to the director via email  for a student to participate in the Technology Programming Challenge and any other project.

Each school is limited to 2 projects per grade level division project category.  Example:  A school may enter only 2 3rd/4th Grade Multimedia Projects, however, that same school may send 2 5th/6th Grade Multimedia Projects, etc.  Please contact the director with any questions.

Each project entry should be registered as separate registrations.  Team partners should be registered together.

Each project entry will need to complete the Student Consent Form to bring to the fair.  The form should be given to the person at the registration table.  The Student Consent form is found in the Documents Center.

Please have all registrations complete prior to the deadline date (found on the Home page).  This deadline is to allow time for the tech fair staff to arrange for judges, set the judging schedule, and other preparations needed to make the Tech Fair run smoothly. Late entries cannot be accepted because changes after the registration process has begun would require us to start all over again.

Grade level divisions are as follows:

  • Grades 3-4
  • Grades 5-6
  • Grades 7-8
  • Grades 9-10
  • Grades 11-12

Students must be registered by their current grade level. Students entering as a team must compete at the grade level of the higher grade of the two team members.

  • The Hardware category is restricted to 7th grade and above only.
  • The Programming Challenge categories are limited to 7th grade and above only.
  • All other categories are open to 3-12 competitors.

All categories are open to team competition.  Teams are restricted to a maximum of 2 participants.

Only first place winners will advance to the state competition (

Registration for the State Technology Fair will be completed by the director of the West Georgia Technology Fair. First place regional winners will receive a “Winner’s Letter” during the award ceremony with instructions that must be followed to go the state competition.

The State Fair will be held in Macon, GA at the Middle Georgia State College and University (formerly Macon State College and University) this year.