Tables will be provided by the host. All equipment needed, such as computers, monitors, cables, multi-outlet power strips, power cords etc. must be provided by the participants.  Power outlets are available; however, the outlet may not be very near the judging station.

No projection devices may be used.

All software used in the project, must be pre-loaded on the computers.

Backup computers are recommended.  Please make sure that all projects work on the backup computer.  The backup computer may be necessary if a computer fails to work or in case a project does not finish judging in time to set up the next project.

Students and schools are responsible for the safety and security of their equipment and software, not the fair host.  Anyone engaging in actions that could be harmful to another participant’s project will be disqualified.

Projects may be set up at the judging station no more than 15 minutes prior to the judging time.  If additional time is needed, please see the fair director to make arrangements.  The fair director, nor any of the fair staff, can guarantee the extra time will be granted.  The decision to allow early setup will be based on the judging schedule.

If a project could be classified as oversized, please contact the director prior to the fair so we can make sure the project will have enough room to work.  Large projects must be able to enter a standard size door.

Participants must provide computers for projects.

Note: No tri-boards or large displays are allowed.  Some categories such as Mobile Apps, etc. require a hard copy of the product or a storyboard.  These items must not exceed 8-1/2” x 11” in size and may be placed in a notebook or remain unbound.